Humanitarian Air logistics is a non-profit, non-government organization providing air transport services to humanitarian aid and relief missions worldwide.
The Team

Board of Directors

Paul D. Asmus - Founder and President

Since December of 1973, Paul Asmus has been in the aviation industry as President and Owner of South Seas Helicopter for 11 years, an aviation consultant for 16 years and an FAA certified A&P mechanic.  Paul was the founder of HHOA (Hawaii Helicopter Operators Association) and worked in concert with the County of Kauai, State of Hawaii, FAA and community groups on aircraft safety and noise issues.  "Flying Friendly" and the need for being sensitive to those on the ground are what first brought him to Washington D.C. some years ago as a member of HHOA. 

After working on various aviation projects over the years and not having served in the U.S. military - Paul wanted to give back to his country and the people around the world by "Giving a Lift to Those in Need". 

Elizabeth (Liz) P. Curtiss - Secretary

Liz has worked in the aviation industry for much of her adult life and after 30 years with United Airlines, retired in 2006. It was with United that she gained her valuable aviation management experience in customer service, flight operations, and maintenance and engineering.

For example, she was the inflight supervisor on duty in Honolulu the night of February 24, 1989 when United flight 811 a Boeing 747 bound for Auckland New Zealand was forced to return to Honolulu after loosing one of its cargo doors inflight. She assisted the flight crew and NTSB with the needed debriefing and other important details in those first critical hours and days. It was experiences like this one that has provided her with the insights needed for our project.

A Native Hawaiian, Liz also brings diversity to the Board and a perspective that is both valuable and welcomed.

Michael S. Coker - Treasurer 

Michael Coker is a commercial pilot with over 10,000 hours in aircraft such as the Boeing 747, 727 and 737. To obtain those many hours of experience, he has been a flight instructor, corporate pilot and flight department manager. A key part of that experience has been flying the 747 and 727 in an air-cargo environment which fits appropriately into HAL's planned operations.   

Mike received a B.S. degree in the Aviation Technology/Professional Pilot Program from Purdue University in 1987.