Humanitarian Air logistics is a non-profit, non-government organization providing air transport services to humanitarian aid and relief missions worldwide.
Doesn't the military already do this?
In many but not all cases they provide airlift and other support. Currently, the military is the only organization in the United States that can provide the airlift resources needed in a disaster “first responder” type of situation. However, it is not their primary mission and responding to humanitarian efforts can tax already tight military resources as evidenced by the statements from the United Nations and a Hurricane Katrina report found on the Home page. In addition, the following Public Laws apply to this question.
1. United States Code Title 10 Sec. 2561 gives the Secretary of Defense the authority to utilize DoD assets for humanitarian transportation but only if other sources are not readily available.
2. United States Code Title 31 Sec. 1535 [The Economy Act] requires the head of an agency to first determine if commercial services cannot be acquired as cheaply or conveniently as those of another government agency before ordering services from that Government agency.