Humanitarian Air logistics is a non-profit, non-government organization providing air transport services to humanitarian aid and relief missions worldwide.
Proposed Fleet of Aircraft
The aircraft used for disaster and humanitarian missions needs to be selected for the capabilities they will provide. With that in mind we propose the following possible candidate aircraft.
 Mobile Command Post Long Range Transport Aircraft Short Range Transport Aircraft Helicopters
 Retired Military Aircraft Wide Body Cargo Aircraft Retired Military C-130's Retired Military Bell UH1N's (Bell 212)
 Former Commercial Aircraft Retired USAF C-5's Retired USAF C-27J's Civilian Bell 206L LongRangers
 Gulfstream Type Corporate Aircraft   


Photo Below - Boeing 747-400BCF Freighter                                                                                                       Photo By: Rudolf-Jürgen Hanser
HAL 747-400 
We along with the U.S. Government recognize the need for a mobile command post as a key “first response” component of relief operations. A study by the RAND Corporation highlighted the critical need for command, control and communications capabilities at the onset of a disaster. We will provide such an aircraft as a component of our operational plan.

 Boeing 747-400BCF

  • The 747-400BCF started its life as a passenger aircraft and then is converted into a dedicated cargo aircraft with the ability to carry up to 76 passengers on the upper deck 8. Under the standard BCF modification, the upper deck is shortened but will still be able to carry 19 passengers. If left unmodified, the upper deck area should be able to accommodate approximately 76 passengers in a high density seating configuration.
  • The 400BCF can carry approximately 250,000 lbs of payload 4,100nm non-stop.
  • The technology used in the 747-400BCF is more advanced then that of the 747-200 and only requires two pilots to operate the aircraft unlike the 747-200B which requires three. Because they are younger aircraft, the 400BCF would also be more reliable and fuel efficient. 

747-400 Cargo Plane
Photo above is of a former passenger 747-400 converted to the 400BCF cargo configuration. 


USAF C-5 Galaxy Cargo Aircraft

The USAF currently has two upgrade programs in work for much of the C-5 fleet. One involves upgrading the aircraft’s radios & navigation equipment called the “AMP” program and the other is to install new GE engines (similar to those found on the 747-400) and improve the airframe’s reliability. That program is called “RERP”. When these upgrades are installed, the aircraft is re-designated as a C-5M and will provide the user with a 22% increase in cargo loads and a planned 34% improvement in cost per flight hour. In addition, the new engines will allow the C-5M to meet stage III noise requirements, a key improvement for community relations.

Most recently the USAF has retired approximately two dozen C-5A aircraft and plan to retire the remaining 25 once they obtain congressional approval.

C-5 Transport Plane       C-5M Transport Plane       Flight Deck on a C-5M Transport Plane
Photo above of C-5 unloading cargo truck        Photo above of C-5 M in flight testing                Photo above of modified C-5M flight deck


 USAF C-130 Transport Aircraft

For the ability to provide airlift to remote, unimproved short runways we propose to operate the USAF Lockheed C-130 aircraft.

This highly versatile aircraft is critically important because although we can fly the supplies needed from anywhere in the world to an airfield large enough to handle the 747’s, that still may not be where the supplies are actually needed. That is where the C-130’s would come in. They will be able to transfer the supplies from the larger airfield to a smaller one or even air-drop them where they are needed as seen from the picture below. The USAF and other Services have retired many C-130E aircraft and the USAF wants to retire another 60 plus C-130H aircraft in FY-13 subject to congressional approval.

C-130 Transport plane
Photo above shows a C-130 performing an air delivery of supplies
C-130 transport Plane Flight Deck
Photo above of C-130 flight deck
USAF Bell Huey Support and Rescue Helicopter
For the ability to provide airlift support, rescue and medivac from remote areas a fixed-wing aircraft cannot reach, we propose the Bell Huey helicopter which can carry up to 14 passengers. This aircraft is transportable in a 747 or C-5.
Bell UH-1N
Photo above of a Bell UH-1N (212) helicopter operated by the USAF
Bell 206L LongRanger Scout and Medivac Helicopter
For the need to provide “light” transportation for airborne assessments (scout) and limited medivac, we propose the Bell 206L “LongRanger”. The LongRanger can carry 6 passengers or 2 litters for medivac. The aircraft transportable in a 747 or C-5.
Bell 206L
Photo above of a Bell 206L LongRanger